At Day Companies, we concentrate on revitalizing existing buildings; bringing them back to life and enhancing their mixed-use vibrancy.

We believe these types of spaces attract a wide range of tenants who are looking to live, work and shop in convenient neighborhoods.

  • Blockfort

    Blockfort aims to be an active creative hub, a resource for artists & entrepreneurs, providing work space to over 25 artists and entrepreneurs.

    We loved that Day Companies understood that neighborhoods are comprised of more than just apartments and that active social and creative spaces are integral to the fabric of places people want to live and work.

  • Zer0z

    Simple, minimal stylized wallets and accessories.

    "They worked to keep me. I needed a small space to do alot — design studio + make stuff + maybe retail. Retail became a gamechanger for me. The neighborhood, the retail store, the community-feel—all help to create my brand experience, even though I do tons of online sales.”

We are trusted by over 100+ local and exciting businesses