Since 1984, we have built a portfolio of properties in and around downtown Columbus including Victorian Village, Short North, German Village, Grandview and Clintonville.

  • Inside Out & Outside In

    Experience-based properties

    We look for opportunities to cluster properties by acquiring existing adjacent and nearby buildings in an area. Our goal is to renovate these existing properties while conserving and preserving the historic and architectural value of each building; ultimately restoring vitality to the community.

  • Live. Work. Shop.

    Urban Revitalization

    We believe in urban revitalization – repurposing and adapting existing buildings and creating apartments, offices, restaurants and retail spaces that meet the needs of our diverse tenant mix.

  • Make Revitalization Happen

    Historic Economic Development

    Following the acquisition of the Madison, Day Companies became owner of 11 of the 18 historic buildings in the High-Gay District, which was recently designated historic by the National Registry of Historic Places.

We are trusted by over 100+ local and exciting businesses